Helio Eudoro is a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto who holds a BFA in Sculpture andInstallation from OCAD University (2022). His work examines the intersection of identity, gender, sexuality, diaspora, and aging and explores themes related to possessions, waste, and the cycle of mindless ownership. Through his art, he aims to create dialogues that challenge our understanding of body and identities, as well as material systems and their impact on our consumption and disposal habits. Eudoro has received several grants and awards, including the2022 OCADU Carmen Lamanna Award and the 2020 RBC Newcomer Arts Award. He has exhibited his work in galleries and museums across Canada and Brazil, including exhibitions at the Art Museum at the University of Toronto in 2023 and ArtworxTO in 2022. His art is part of collections such as the Museu de ArteModerna da Bahia and the Museu de Arte Contemporânea do Parana in Brazil.

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