Helio Eudoro, a diaspora Latino queer artist based in Toronto, holds a BFA (Hons.) in Sculpture and Installation from OCAD University, with a minor in Art and Social Change. In the fall of 2024, he will engage in his MVS at University of Toronto Daniel’s School of Graduate Studies. Drawing from a diverse array of cultural influences, Eudoro merges colonial, indigenous, Santeria, and multicultural elements to investigate themes of identity, gender, sexuality, diaspora, and aging.

Eudoro has garnered recognition through grants and awards such as the 2023 Toronto Arts Foundation Space Award, 2022 OCADU Carmen Lamanna Award, and 2020 RBC Newcomer Arts Award. His artistic expression encompasses photography, videos, paintings, installations, and performances, showcased in international galleries and museums. Noteworthy exhibitions include 'The Counter/Self' exhibition at the Art Museum at the University of Toronto in 2023 and displays at the Lilley Museum of Art in Reno, USA, in 2024. Moreover, Eudoro has been distinguished as a guest artist for a special installation at the Artist Project 2024 in Toronto, hosted a solo exhibition, and launched a book as part of the Contact Photography Festival 2024. He has also been featured as one of the artists in the public art exhibition SPACED, a component of the Luminato Festival 2024.

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